Our dough is made fresh in our store and allowed to come to just the right stage of yeast fermentation for perfect pizza crust before it goes through our ovens.  The ingredients we purchase are only the best and freshest  usually costing more than the frozen or canned variety.  Why?  Because, you and your family are worth it.  If you want cheap pizza, call Papa Joes or Little Squeezer's or Dominics, but if you want good, high quality pizzas, better call

Here's what's cooking at Jan's:
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Sheridan 758-6660
Westfield 896-5050
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Jan’s Village Pizza WINS Pizza Today Magazine's,
Pizza Expo’s Midwest Pizza Challenge, named:

Sunday, August 18th BelTerra Convention Center, Vevay, Indiana

Thirty-six pizzerias competed for the coveted title “Best Pizza in the Mid-West”, but it was our own Jan’s Village Pizza bringing it home!

“It all started with our 15th Annual Pizza BAKE-OFF on August 5th. The winning pizza was created by Michelle Thomas, of Westfield’s pizzeria. We put it on the menu and Michelle won $100, and she named her pie, “the Mediterranean.”“ says Steve Miller, owner of Jan’s Village Pizza.

Upon receiving the honor, one of the judges told Steve, Jan and Garry that at the end of the first round of voting, the Mediterranean had the HIGHEST SCORE EVER for the Midwest Pizza Challenge! That was true at the end of the second round, too!

The prize includes airfare, rooms, and accommodations, entrance into the 2014 INTERNATIONAL PIZZA EXPO where Jan’s Village Pizza will competed to win best pizza in the world.  Sorry to say, we came up short--7th best in the world.  

Sun King Beers
Coor's Banquet & Coor's Lite
Miller Lite

Chianti, Chardonnay
Lambrusco, Riesling
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
White Zinfandel
Washed Their Salads Clean?

We assume that you were as appalled as we were to learn that one of the big chain restaurants wasn't cleaning their salad ingredients! Are you kidding? At Jan's Village Pizza we have always cleaned the ingredients going into your salad! In fact, we didn’t think we had to tell you.

Clip this coupon for two dollars off any of our large salads with the purchase of a large pizza. Large salads include: Dinner Salad; Greek Salad; Grilled Chicken Fajita Salad; Chef’s Salad and our Antipasti Salad.

Eat PIZZA, save some lettuce!

offer expires July 3, 2016 and void with any other